Some Decisions Are Just BS

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Decisions, decisions.

Every day we are faced with probably a million choices. Most of them are automatic, like going to bed at night and going to the bathroom, but I think there are lots of choices that are automatic that if we gave them a little thoughtful consideration, our lives might really change dramatically.

Like what?

Well, this morning the paving guys showed up with all their macho equipment to patch pave the parking lot here in the lovely Black Forest. Normally, automatically, that would be a fine reason to spend the day away, like at IKEA or Barnes & Noble or Target even. Then lunch would be automatic, eaten out of course because, well I’m not at home, right? Getting my exercise in, well, that’ll just have to wait til tomorrow since I’m clearly not able to walk the neighborhood streets where I live because I am, once again, not at home.

The schedule for the day would be out. the. window. In a flash.

Most anybody can look at those “decisions” and see them for the excuse-making, BS that they are. But, I’m telling you that if I had not made a commitment yesterday to write every day, to work on my home business 3-4 hours a day and move my body, it would’ve been super easy to be walking the stimulating aisles of IKEA right now instead of here in my chair writing. ESPECIALLY since I have a new place to decorate. I mean, what’s the harm, right, it’s only one day.

But, one single day so easily turns into another and the pair becomes a pair of pairs, and at the end of another week I don’t even want to think about looking at my to-do list. And you know what happens after that.

I’m reminded of a Bob Newhart skit where he plays the part of a counselor. His rates are super cheap at $5/session  (paid in advance), and he guarantees his clients that he’ll give them the solution to their problems in just 5 short minutes or less. $1 a minute. And, if he fails to do that, their session is free.

So, a woman comes in, pays her five bucks, and spends the next 3 ½ minutes sharing how she can’t stop shopping. It has gotten to the point where all of her credit cards are maxed out, her husband is totally frustrated that she brings new stuff home every day which they have no room for anymore, and she has been fired from her last 3 jobs because she went shopping on the clock.

And, she says to the counselor, “What should I do?” And, he says:


That is what you call a $5 answer. 🙂

Truth is, us humans are super good at making very simple answers complicated. And seriously, sometimes it’s as straight forward as . . . STOP THAT. Do something else. Live intentional instead of on auto-pilot.

Wanna know what I did?

Well, I DID go to the mall where I got my walk in until the stores opened. Then I got a free glass of ice water at the Borders café while I found some great new veggie recipes that are exciting and fit into my plan. Then I went home (notice I didn’t hang out at Borders reading for hours even tho it was tempting), parked on the street and walked a short distance to my humble abode. And, now I’m writing.

I am no saint or strong person for doing this, it’s just that I really like feeling good instead of guilty, I like feeling like I got something done instead of wasting time, I like feeling like I’m honoring my commitment. Not complicated at all.

Who says you can’t live by your feelings? 😉


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