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What Shall I Do With My Life?

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Vocation

I have always been fascinated by the stories of other people, why people do what they do…more than just a mild curiosity. It goes all the way back to when I was a sophomore in college and thinking about declaring my major.  I had just finished speech class, and my final speech was on (don’t hate me or judge please, it was the 70’s) interracial marriage…was it wrong or was it right. (Now THAT’S a story all in itself, but that’s for another time) My speech professor was from an ultra conservative background and I knew she was opposed (quite vehemently in fact) to it. But, I knew that I wasn’t and decided for my final, persuasive speech I would convince her, bring her over to the other side.

Well, I misjudged both my ability to persuade on such an emotional topic because, to put it simply, I was so scared I couldn’t get into the flow of my speech. I also underestimated the strength of her conviction. I guess I just didn’t get it. And that got me to thinking, what would make a person think and feel so strongly about something like this?  What was it that led her to that belief, how did she justify it and why the intense emotion around it?

That semester I also sat through Introduction to Psychology, and even though the instructor was as dry as an Arizona dust storm, I was nonetheless fascinated with the topic. That’s saying something for me back then….you see, there wasn’t much in books that fascinated me. I was a runner, a tennis player, a basketball player, an athlete. I loved to play. Studies were just not my thing. Isn’t it interesting how we change?

So, as I was saying, the time came for me to declare my major. I decided that what I’d love to study most was speech and psychology. I had visions of adrenalin flowing as I persuaded people on highly emotional beliefs (maybe it was the challenge of doing that without being so scared I’d pee my pants), and when they argued with me about it, I would learn why they thought the way they did.

Yes, I know, a rather simplistic way of looking at a career, but it was all I had. The only problem with this double major choice of mine is that the school I was presently attending at the request (read demand) of my father (who was paying the bills) didn’t have such a major, It was a bible school and I had been given the opportunity to go there and find myself a husband. Funny now when I think about it.

So, why did you choose your college major and did make a career out of it? What’s your story?